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Welcome to my “new” blog

Welcome to my new (re-new) blog.

This blog was started 4 years ago in Hebrew and on the wordpress.com platform where it was simply called “The Zohar Elkayam blog”. In those last 4 years I’ve written dozens of articles which I felt will be useful to my forgetful me and to my readers who came along for the ride.

Lately I realized that wordpress.com has its limitations and I felt that I really need to move on to a new hosting platform. I figured out that by writing in only one language (Hebrew), I am missing most of my potential audience so I created this new bi-lingual blog, on a self-hosted platform with a new interface.

My goal is to have most of my old articles translated and connected to each other so people could read them in the language they prefer. I will also publish my new articles in both English and Hebrew at the same time.

I will work on translating most of my old posts (the ones that are still relevant) in the near future.

Feel free to reach out and contact me – if you have any questions or comments.

Have a great day!


How to transparent transition to the DR with few easy steps

I was asked by one of my readers about “transparent transition” between the Primary and Standby databases when using a Data Guard environment. The question sounded relatively simple: how do you configure the clients so it will automatically work with the active site at any point in time?

The truth is that the solution is a lot easier than what you might think, and I even got to implement it in on an Oracle 10g database, more than five years.

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