Database In Memory presentation from the ilOUG SIG meeting


A few weeks ago, I was invited to give a lecture at the Israeli user group meeting (ilOUG DBA SIG). The presentation topic was the new Oracle 12c feature – the Database In Memory (aka In Memory Option).

This is a subject which really interests me, I’ve written about it before (in Hebrew). When I did my university degree (a few years back), Column based data stores was one of the most interesting technologies I encountered and I even wrote a seminar paper about the subject.

When hearing about the in memory option back in Oracle Open World 2013, I started reading about the subject and once this technology went GA, I ran a basic proof of concept with one of my customers. This presentation was made right after we concluded our initial POC and we’re now in the process of running a full-scale tests.

I have a lot of materials about DBIM which is still needs to go through editing before becoming blog articles, but I hope this will come pretty soon… 🙂

Here is the presentation about the In Memory Option I gave at that convention.
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