Fine-Grained Audit and ORA-28134 Error

I have been working on a customer database hardening. Database security isn’t really my cup of tea but it seems to be very popular these days. One of the requirement from the customer was the ability to monitor the database operation (which is very easy with the simple Oracle Audit features).

After we did that, the customer needed another auditing. He has sensitive data in one of the tables and he wanted some kind of auditing of the table access. This is one of the more central of his application so he asked the application should be excluded from the monitoring.

My first thought was to use the simple auditing for that but a short research showed that once an object is being monitored, there is no exclude feature to it. Another solution that came to mind is to use the ancient Fine-grained audit (DBMS_FGA). I know I’m coming a bit late to the party, and I know Oracle 12c has new and exciting ways of auditing but the customer was using Oracle and is not planning on upgrading soon.

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