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Introduction to Big Data, Hadoop and NoSQL


In the last few weeks I participated in the training of a DBA course in John Bryce education center in Israel.

The course is titled “Master DBA” – it’s an 8 month evening course to train new DBAs from head to tail. It’s divided into two parts; the first part is about SQL, PL/SQL, and OU “Oracle Database Administration Workshop” parts 1 and 2. The students are then encouraged to take the OCA and OCP certification exams. After finishing this part, the students learn Linux, scripting and other IT skills a DBA should have.

In the second half of the course, the students learn about Big Data (mostly Hadoop), Python (as a programming language) and NoSQL (MongoDB or CouchBase, not really sure).

Yesterday I gave a class about the introduction to Big Data, Hadoop, and NoSQL.

When the guys at John Bryce asked me to teach the course, they provided some teaching materials (basically, a presentation). After reviewing it, I felt it will be very hard for me to teach the class with those materials since it wasn’t adjusted to the course syllabus or participants. I then created a new presentation which includes my version of an introduction to big data, hadoop and NoSQL. I tried to include things I thought should interest DBAs and people who don’t know a thing about the subject. Since the class is only a few hours long, I tried to keep things short and focused and go into too many details.

Since the presentation wasn’t commissioned by JB, and since I felt it went really well, I decided to publish it on my blog for the benefit of those interested in the subject and would like to know more about Big Data and NoSQL. I’d love to hear some feedback and correction if you have any.

Direct link: http://www.slideshare.net/zohare/into-to-big-data

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