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A few months ago I was asked to give a two hours lecture to a group of CIOs. The topic was a bit vague – “Introduction to Big Data and NoSQL” but I agreed to give it a try anyway.

Since I feel Big Data is such a big topic and since I really wanted to give the CIO so added value, I created this presentation. The aim of the presentation wasn’t to cover all the technological aspects of the topic, but to give some overview and pointers for the future. We talked about basic principles, issues that needs tackling, and solution that might be relevant in the near future. We also talked about NoSQL in order to understand the relation between RDBMS based solution and other kind of solutions.

The main goal of presentation was to encourage those CIO to think of Big Data as a solution to a problem they are facing and not to see it as a technological solution they must use because of hype. The idea was that they must know what they want to produce from the solution before they can achieve a positive ROI on these kind of projects.

The presentation went very well – the feedback were excellent (4.65 out of 5 which is very very high) and the guys at John Bryce even issued a press release at one of Israels top IT daily news sites (in Hebrew: which was nice… 🙂

Even though it’s not really related to my Oracle or DBA life, I felt this should be on the Blog for those of you who are interested in these kind of things…

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