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How Did I Become a Public Speaker: My First Time


Last week, my dear friend Roni Vered Adar told me about a pod cast by Kendra Little entitled “How to Level Up Your DBA Career (Dear SQL DBA)“. Roni told me that Kendra talked about the importance of public speaking and wanted to know what I think.

I said it’s a great idea, so Roni asked if I could tell her a little about how I started speaking in public, and about my first time to do it. I told her that’s a long story but I’ll blog on it if she wants. She did, so here we go…

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Shout out to Liron Amitzi and his new blog

My good friend and colleague Liron Amitzi started his new Oracle Blog.
Here is a shout out to @amitzil and his new blog: good luck and have fun!

The thing I like the most about his new blog is the “Did you know” section.
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