Zohar Elkayam at ilOUG meetup

ilOUG meetup: Oracle 12c New Features For Better Performance (slides)

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It’s been a while since the Israeli user group (iloug) had a technology meetup (SIG meeting). The last time that happened was over two years ago – and since then, we only had the bigger conferences with guests from all over the world. Yesterday we renewed that long time tradition and held such a meetup.

Although I am not part of the OUG board (and not for the lack of trying, just no elections for a very long time), I volunteered to help host the meeting together with Oracle Ace Associate Oren Nakdimon (@dboriented, http://db-oriented.com). I also presented a new session: “Oracle 12c New Features For Better Performance” (see below for the agenda and slide deck).

The Meetup

In the past, the show-up on those meeting was enormous with 120-150 people every time, so we tried to reach all of those people and interest them in renewing the tradition. We sent out mass-emails and private invitations, we published on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin, created and a meetup group. We even got some help from the local Oracle branch to get to as many people as we could, but I was still worried that not a lot of people will show up.

Yesterday was AMAZING. The show-up was around 80 people (more than expected) and the room was full. The comments and feedback afterwards were great and I’m really happy to see that even though the community didn’t meet in the past couple of years – when event was organized so many people cleared time from their busy schedule and participated. I hope the the next events will be as good as the first one – and with time we will grow back to the “regular” 150 attendees was had in the past.

Zohar Elkayam at ilOUG meetup

Zohar Elkayam at ilOUG meetup


My Session

My session was about Oracle 12cR1 and 12cR2 new features – with focus on performance, scaling and bigger data sets.

“Oracle 12cR1 and 12cR2 came with some great features for better performance and scaling. In this session we will talk about some of the new features that might improve performance greatly: Optimizer changes, adaptive plans improvements, changes to statistics gathering and we’ll get to know Oracle 12cR2 new sharding option”

On the agenda:
– Oracle Database In Memory (Column Store)
– Oracle Sharding (
– Optimizer changes in 12c
– Statistics changes in 12c.


I’ll be happy to hear your thoughts and suggestions how to make the next event even better.

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