Oded’s Session on Security in the Cloud is now (oug_scot)

Oded Raz, my colleague and friend is on right now, talking about security in the cloud in the Scotland OUG conference.
Since the room is full, I had to leave to make some more space to the participants…

Oded at Scotland OUG

In the mean time, I was taking a walk around this nice complex and found the visitor demo room for hardware and engineered systems. I took some pictures:

ZFS storage and Solaris Servers

Exadata racks on display

My first session will start in a couple of hours and I’m getting really excited about it – I have so many slides I hope I will get through all of them! I really hope everything will go smoothly – and I’m sure it will – since the organization here is FANTASTIC. After that session, we have a joint session – Oded will start and I will continue (running the demo and most of the presentation) – I never took over a session in the middle (after about a third) – let’s say if it will work.. 🙂

Changing presenters bold move

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