SQLcl New Version and Other Big Stuff

I’ve been meaning to write about SQLcl for quite some time now – a lot is happening in the SQLcl world – but I hadn’t had the chance due to my very busy schedule.

Since some bigger things had happened recently, I feel it is a good opportunity to write about it. I promise to take some time to write (and maybe even video) some guides for SQLcl in the near future.

Okay, enough with the apologies, let’s see what is new.

Last week the good guys in development team released a new RC version ( RC, can be downloaded from the new OTN page – see bellow). The version is still a little buggy but it is getting better with every release. There are some new features; it is much more stable, and much more usable.

On the same day, the team also got their new official OTN page (including a community area – which is now different from that of SQL Developer).

For those of you who use tweeter, the team started their own twitter account (@oraclesqlc), and I recommend following it since they tweet some very cool stuff there.

I feel like it’s a good opportunity to give them a shout-out and congratulate them for that!


My personal angle:

Next week I will be giving a session in the ilOUG Tech days 2016 next week about SQLcl. I thought I would use my old slide deck, but it’s impossible! There were so many changes in the last versions that I might need to create a new deck all together…

I would like invite you to hear me talk (in Hebrew) about SQLcl – feel free to register (link is on the right).

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